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How This Course Works

Each day a new training will drop for you to watch (averaging 15m). This will come with a daily challenge (averaging 10m) with the first day being a little longer. Watch the training each day, or catch up at the end of the week - as best suits your schedule.

Daily Office Hours

Drop in daily with Jasmine to ask questions, strategize trends for content, or get feedback on videos before you post them!
8-9 am and 4-5 pm PST Monday-Friday

Daily Trend Report

Each day between 9-9:30 pm PST a list of trending topics for the day will be emailed to you. If something major starts trending on TikTok, we'll send a second email letting you know.

What We're Covering Today

Why Do Some Posts Go Viral

We'll dig into the key factors that make a video go viral, so we can start incorporating them into our own videos.

Audience > Algorithm

Through this course we'll craft your strategy and content plan. Today we go over what those elements are, and you can start creating your draft strategy.

Today's Daily Challenge

Write down 3-5 questions you regularly get about your product, your service, or your industry. Record one video educating your audience on one of these questions - you don't have to post it if you do not want to. But do save it. At the end of 30 days we'll re-record the same video so you can compare how far you've come!!

Let's Jump Right In!

Welcome To Day One!

There are 3 factors to a video going viral

TikTok Algorithm

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How Your Audience Plays a role in going viral

Audience & Viral Views

The Right and wrong way to go viral

Good & Bad Trends

Take 10m And Get To Work!

Daily Challenge #1

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Test Your Knowlage

Day 2 Quiz

Day Two Quiz - Audience by Jasmine Partida