Magazines - Design and Production

For each of these I designed layout, art directed photo shoots, oversaw production.
(With the exception of the Out and Equal magazine – I did not art direct photo shots for this magazine).

Social Media Graphics

Tri-Fold Mailer

Large Scale Posters

24 x 36 Designed look and feel, took this photo, and then created the final poster.
24 x 36 One in a series of four - one for every season. Each poster had the same overall design with a different background image, and content details.
One piece of a large campaign, across multiple channels including digital ads in online newspapers, geo-fencing Google Ads, news stories timed to drop once a week for six weeks, and social media ads.
Large banner for the 2017 Women's March in DC. I also created graphics for their app, marcher handbook, social media channels, emails, and more.


Art Directed, Photo shoots

Video I created to celebrate International Women's Day.