Twenty-Four Years Design Experience
Fifteen Years of Graphic Design Work

I have 15 years of Scenic Charge Artist experience working with theaters across America including The 92st Y, Westport Playhouse, Ashland Shakespeare Festival, and Opera San Jose to name a few, and working with such greats as Joanne Woodward, Jane Curtin, Neil Patrick Harris, and Paul Newman.

On top of this experience, I have 15 years experience in graphic design/digital design.

A combination of art history knowledge and hands on art experience lead me into graphic design, and digital marketing. I am including a few samples below, but can supply more upon request.

Graphic design

Scenic Artistry

Digital Marketing

Recent Website Designs

Don't Miss A Moment Campaign - Livermore Valley Opera

The “Don’t Miss a Moment ” campaign increased marketing exposure from 60,000 to 350,000 in four months.

Easily recognizable across print and digital ads, this campaign introduced Bay Area residences to an opera company many had not heard of prior while also creating revenue streams by integrating merchandise for the first time. Ads were targeted and geo-fenced, increasing overall sales for the 2018 – 2019 season. 

Innovation Campaign - Moreau Catholic High School

This six-month campaign resulted in 8.8 million impressions, not including bi-weekly news articles.

Utilizing geo-fencing, sky banner, timed news articles, and engaging social media I was able to double admission submissions from the previous year.

2017 Women's March on Washington

In November 2016, I joined the national team for the Women’s March on Washington as their external communications. Tasked with creating and managing bi-weekly emails to the public, (a list of 300,000). I also created information emails for those organizing the 450 sister marches around the world, a third for bus captains coming to the D.C. march, and two weekly FAQ sheet from the National team to attendees and organizers.

Social media campaigns, posting schedules, collateral, graphics, posters, guides, and website updates all feel within my scope of work.

On top of these pieces, I also was the sole moderator for the Event page of over 150,000 people and oversaw all 50 state Facebook pages. To help organizers new to social media, I created the 11-page “How to get started in Social Media” handbook.

View in presentation format HERE

Sampling of Recent Poster Designs

Sizes vary from standard 24″x32″ to large scale banners

Assortment of Social Media Posts

Showing one version of designs here, but each was produced in multiple formats for various digital channels including socials, email, and digital ads.

Scenic Charge Artist

A Scenic Charge is the production position in charge of all finishes on a theatrical set. The Designer creates design concepts in scaled drawings, giving them to the Scenic Charge, who is then incomplete authority to recreate to exact precision the Designer’s vision. Often, a set is built by 3-10 carpenters, and painted by 1-3 artists. 

Video for Social Media

This is an example of creating a video for sharing out on social media. For this video, Women’s March California wanted to celebrate California women. I pulled photos from each of our chapters and built out a slideshow based video.