Unlock advanced funnel strategies with our 10-part Video Training Series!
Combine my innovate social media strategies with a revolutionary funnel system to create your ultimate sales funnel.
Tailored for both beginners and pros, this series guides you through every stage of funnel creation – from crafting a solid foundation and sharp messaging to navigating technical nuances and designing high-converting emails and landing pages.
What’s Inside:
  • Revolutionary Funnel Strategies: Stand out with innovative techniques.
  • How to use Social Media to create a higher-converting funnel
  • Step-by-Step Expertise: Build confidently with clear, expert guidance.
  • Master Opt-ins, Pop-ups, and Emails: Dive deep into essential funnel elements.
  • Landing Pages That Convert: Apply best practices for maximum impact.
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Let’s Jump Right In!


Walking through the funnel we’ll create today.

Four Decisions

Let’s start by defining what service your funnel is for.


Defining and creating your opt-in.

Unlock All 10 Video Trainings Now
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Pop-Up Forms

How pop-up forms work, and best practices.

Landing Pages

What makes a high-converting landing page?


The top apps you can use to create your landing page


How to use social media to test your funnel’s messaging.

Build Your Funnel

Showing you how email drips work, using FloDesk as an example.

Emails & Mindset

We’ll walk through each of the emails you’ll send + your marketing mindset!

Unlock All 10 Video Trainings Now
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I’m Jasmine Partida, through 16 years of social media marketing experience, I’ve generated billions in revenue, supported thousands of businesses, and helped launch hundreds of nonprofits.

As the founder of the 100 Post Viral Content System, my strategies have been featured in FOX, Business Journal, and USA Today.

This course is my way of empowering small businesses to navigate through the clutter of social media with proven, clear strategies.

I’ve designed it to cut through the confusion often spread by inexperienced marketers, offering direct insights into achieving tangible success online.

Join me in this course to unlock the full potential of social media for your business, mastering techniques to engage your audience and drive growth.

Unlock All 10 Video Trainings Now
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Don’t just take our word for it

I really thought I was just signing for a normal TikTok course, and I'd go through the videos and learn enough to get out of 500 view jail.

It is SO MUCH MORE than that!

I talk to Jasmine 3x a week, she wrote my content plan completely for me, she follows my pages and is my biggest cheerleader.

Plus I learned how to create viral videos, how to do SEO the right way, and within two weeks I had two new clients for my 3k package from random people who found my TikTok.

Take the course. You'll be shocked.
Megan K.
Business Coach
Jasmine holds nothing back in this course. It's not one of those programs where they tell you most of what you need and then upsell you to work with them. Everything you need is in here plus you get to meet live with Jasmine and other experts on her team.

I send a few people a week to this course. And maybe this isn't as important, but it's so pretty and inviting, I love logging into the portal to get my new modules every week.
Tara D
TikTok Shop/Affiliate Marketer
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