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Single Strategy Session
With Jasmine


Deep dive session to strategize your social media, your messaging, or your business growth plan for the year! Sessions are recorded and will include follow up resources and action items list to help you reach your goal!

(1) 60 minute session

*Upon booking you will immediately be directed to schedule your time to meet. If you have any difficulty finding a good time to meet please reach out to and we’ll make space to match your availability. 

Strategy Pack
5-Sessions 30% Discount


My favorite way to work with clients looking to grow their business! In the first few minutes of Session 1 we’ll set our objective and focus area for your 5-session series and then get straight to work! Schedule these as works best on your schedule and to hit your goals. Many clients schedule these once a week but if your needs are more urgent you could schedule one a day for a week. It’s completely customizable to your current needs.

(5) 60 minute sessions

*Upon booking you will immediately be directed to schedule your first session. At your first session we’ll book your following four sessions. If you need scheduling help, please reach out to

Done For You Content

90 Video Package


$7.50 per video!

Includes strategy session, scripts, hashtags, and captions with keywords! We can create your videos with a focus TikTok, Instagram/Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn as best matches your needs.

This is a one-time package.

TikTok Management


60 Videos, account management AND audience engagement done for you!
What’s not to love?!

Monthly TikTok management provides the strategy, the content, and the comment and DM management you need so you can get back to focusing on working with clients and less time stressing about your TikTok!

This is a monthly package

100 Post Package


My most famous package!

Send me 1-hour of video, and I’ll create 100 posts!

This is a high-growth package designed for the businesses that are ready to grow multiple social media accounts at once, and have a focus on increasing sales numbers. Auto-scheduling of posts included.

This is a one-time package, not a subscription, but honestly, most people end up booking again!

Online Courses

2-Hour Social Media Strategy


How do I get a 40% increase in sales for my clients? In this course, you’re about to find out.

Tired of being stressed and overwhelmed by your social media? Do you end up not posting because you’re just not sure what to post?

I created this jam-packed, 2-hour course to empower you with a personalized strategy so you can stop being the best kept secret – and get out in front of your target audience.

You’ll see immediately in the first video that I am holding nothing back. I’ve even included a few bonuses to help round-out your education and resources.

At the end of two hours you will know what to post, how to post it, WHERE to post it – and you will be re-energized and excited to start using social media to grow your business.

TikTok For Business / 30-Day Program


How is it that I have so many clients getting 100s of thousands and even millions of views on TikTok? That’s not even the best part!

There is so much noise about being successful on TikTok, but at the end of the day it comes down to two things:

  • Being able to get in front of your target audience
  • Having content that drives sales

Because views won’t mean anything if your bank account is empty. 

This course is delivered in a 30-day format (the first week is live so you can jump right in!). Each day a new training and a new challenge drops – along with resources, workbooks, and a TON of extras! Too much to list here!

*Course also includes drop in office hours to get your questions answered and a personalized review of your account.*

To get “Day 1” free and check out the full syllabus click on the learn more button below.

Podcast In 6 Steps


Your voice is so valuable! Don’t let lack of understanding the tech, or not being sure what step to take next hold you back!

I created this for all the amazing people I know who SHOULD have a podcast but don’t simply because the learning curve on how start a podcast, and how to market a podcast is just too much.

This is a detailed, direct, and insightful course that takes you from concept to a published podcast in six steps.

Originally a TikTok series I did when a client bet me I couldn’t create a new podcast in a week (spoiler: I did!) this course goes deeper into that what, the how, and the tech.

Included is information on repurposing your podcast on YouTube podcasts, as a Roku channel, and for short-form content such as reels and TikToks.

I also give suggestions at every budget – free, mid, and professional – so no matter your budget you can launch a podcast you’ll be proud of!

Launch Your Online Course


Yup, I created an online course ABOUT creating an online course.

This was so much fun to be able to bring to you! You’ll get the trainings to streamline launching your course (concept to published) but you’ll also get the behind the scenes of me filing other courses.

I’ll show you in real time what it looks like to push past a block, a tech issue, and how to build your confidence in your product as you go.

There are extra videos walking you through set up of different portal options that I cover, spreadsheets you can download to help you design your course, and I’ll cover how to create social media content to drive traffic to your course.

You’re already an expert in what you teach, you’re likely just held back by uncertainty of course structure or tech. And those are easy to get past when you have a guide!

Get All 4 Courses 25% Off


You asked, here it is!

The complete course bundle, so you can launch your own platform, get your voice out into the world, and drive traffic to your offer when you complete all 4 courses.

Plus, a plethora of extras along the way

A perfect combination at 25% off!


I’m Jasmine, leading the charge as a seasoned Social Media Marketer, and your podcast host. In my digital realm, I’ve turned posts into profit, like snagging 33 appointments from one post, raking in $50,000 from just a month’s content, and boosting client sales by an average of 40% with killer content.

My expertise in digital strategy, SEO, and branding isn’t just talk. Dive in as I slice through the online fluff, giving you the tools and tactics to elevate your social media game. Ready to dominate the digital scene?

Let’s jump in!

My Clients Average

40% Increase In Sales


Streamline your content creation and stop spending hours a week filming videos or writing posts

Build Community

Don't just chase followers, build an engaged community around your brand

Drive Traffic

Craft compelling content that takes the weight off your shoulders, directing valuable leads straight to your offer

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