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Start today with a multi-layered strategy to grow your company.

You are not seeing the conversations you want to see, you are unclear how to reach new clients during COVID shutdowns, your company is ready for growth – but needs a focused timeline and strategy. Schedule your 15 minute consultation with Jasmine and get started today. SCHEDULE NOW

With proven results and deep analytical-based strategy, Jasmine will focus your social media and digital content to reach further, have greater impact, and give you more paying clients.

We will write your content, optimize your site, create custom images and original designs for your website.

With 15 years in website design, Jasmine’s websites always stand out as fresh, user friendly, beautifully laid out, and look wonderful on any device.  Don’t waste time hiring designers, graphic artists, logo creators – and. content writers – we do it all – and we do it right the first time. Each clients will be sent a full mock up of their site prior to launch for review and notes.

Let us take care of your accounts. Our hands-free social media package includes original designs specific for your company, optimize content, monthly analytics, and a personalized strategy. We post 5-days a week, engage with your audience, and build out branded multimedia content pieces.

We manage 10 virtual events a month, and we can take care of all the details. We will take care of tech, speaker organization, breakout group needs, day of tech booth, expo center, and backstage. We host a ‘tech’ station during your summit/event where attendees can get their connection issues resolved as well. Schedule a full run-through with our team to see what we offer by emailing

We take care of your tech set up, podcast cover art, website, and submitting your podcast to the main channels including the top 5: Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Play, and Stitcher.

We will help you define your host platform, microphone and tech equipment based on your budget, and we walk you through best practices and strategy.

We’ve launched multiple podcast shows, including Jasmine’s personal podcast, When Women Speak, and we want to help you build a successful platform to launch your message! See the full breakdown of what is included HERE.

Social Media does not have to be overwhelming! I am a small business owner, and i understand how keeping up with social media trends on top of everything else that needs to be done for your business is often just one thing too many. I also know many social media managers do not speak to the need for a larger strategy, and if you are operating without a strategy, you are not creating a solid ROI. Join the 5-module course where you will build you multi-platform social media strategy. A strategy call with Jasmine at the end of the course is included for a limited time. LEARN MORE HERE.


Typical results my clients see include

  • 30% Increase in clients within 4 months
  • Click rates for newsletters to increase from an average of 3% up to 12%
  • Engagement increases of 30% in one month
  • Increased Weekly Social Media Impressions from 150 to 23,000
  • 40% time reduction in running social media and digital strategies by employees – more results, less time!


6-Week Accountability group for women ready to take action, but who need support and weekly accountability.

We will define goals, create strategy, build an action plan, learn technology hacks to simplify your work, and support each other as we take bold action. SPACE IS LIMITED / WE START AUGUST 17th. SIGN UP NOW.

I save businesses & nonprofits from ineffective strategies that hamper fundraising and growth.

As a business strategist and technology expert, I am behind the scenes but impactful in nature. I create successful communication plans, develop relationships with target markets, and create sustainable revenue. As an industry authority and innovative leader, I teach businesses how to use digital media platforms, social media channels, and online tools to work in order to effectively implement communication strategies and campaigns. I provide invaluable expertise in business development, marketing, sales, optimization, and operational restructuring.

My insights come from representing the largest regional park in the U.S. to co-founding Women’s March California, along with creating the digital strategy and external communications for the 2017 Women’s March on Washington. I work with my clients to create sustainable revenue with streamlined marketing systems that can grow as they do. I ensure that my clients can maintain their strategy by preparing their employers with curated tools, resources, and content assets. You’ll feel confident and empowered with a guiding vision! What is the secret to keeping your audience and customers engaged and raving? The secret is a consistent brand and a resonating message fueled by a digital strategy integrated into your existing workflows.

What can I do for your organization?
* Brand Strategy
* Operational Restructuring
* Digital Strategy
* Social Media Campaigns
* Public Information Campaigns
* Press Releases
* Data & Statistical Analysis
* Email Marketing
* Content Strategy
* Branding Collateral
* Community Engagement
* Strategy Auditing
* Drafting Operation Procedures
* Integrating Workflows

Successful Performance Measures:
* Increased weekly social media impressions from 150 to 23,000
* Increased marketing exposure from 60,000 non-targeted to 360,000 targeted impressions in four months
* Increased patient intake 30% in four months
* Increased admission applications 50% in six months
* Reached 8.8 million targeted impressions in six months
* Building an organization to 22 chapters statewide
* Organizing six million participants to marches in 2017

I can provide proven strategies and solutions to help your company scale and grow your business.