Simplify & Strategize

Through her commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners, Jasmine has designed a series of courses that are no fuss, action-based, information packed, and always loaded with ready to use templates, roadmaps, and workbooks.

Technology for Entrepreneurs

Is confusion with tech slowing down your business growth? Not sure how to set up your office systems? Looking to learn how to better use your existing apps? I’ve put together a series of tranings just for you. 
Total Cost: $37


1. WordPress: How to use WordPress application, understanding the back end, installing themes, plug-ins, and ways to simplify page building.
2. Mailchimp: This powerhouse app is underutilized by most small businesses. Through MailChimp you can have email automation, design customer journeys, pull mailing list data, and so much more.

3. Landing Pages: Start collecting emails for your email list right away through simpler methods of building your landing pages. We’ll also show you how to connect a free offer/downloadable through an automated email.

4. Calendy: Automate your meeting scheduling, follow up, appointment reminders, and get back hours of time each week.

5. Embedded Content: How do you add forms, videos,  podcast episodes, and more to your website, and how do you make adjustments if it does not look correct on different devices? 

6. Online Video Editors: We’ll cover three online video editors, from easy to use, to moderate, to more complicated, giving you multiple options to tailor your videos for multiple purposes.



Each training is about an hour, making a total of six hours of technology training for only $37.

This course is delivered through a membership portal, and you do have lifetime access. You will also receive two bonus videos: Getting Started with Canva, the most user-friendly online design tool, and setting up a WordPress website: How to take the first steps towards your own website.

Simplicity of Socials

Stop being overwhelmed by social media and learn to simplify and strategize.  I am a small business owner, and I understand how keeping up with social media trends on top of everything else that needs to be done for your business is often just one thing too many. I also know many social media managers do not speak to a larger strategy, and if you are operating without strategy, you are not creating a solid ROI.
Total Cost: $397


In this deep-dive course you will learn:
To create your own, personalized, social media strategy.
How to simplify your posting process, and cut down on hours of unfocused content writing and design work.
How to analyze and track your accounts, so you know what’s working and what’s not.
Step-by-Step to optimize your accounts to create brand consistency.
Define goals for YOU and your business, allowing you to be razer focused in your content.
How to design for social media, and tools to both increase the visual quality of your designs, and simplify the design process.
Setting up your Facebook and Instagram ads, and making the best of the tools available on these platforms.
And so much more!

This six-week course is delivered through a membership portal, and you do have lifetime access. 
FOR A LIMITED TIME: At the completion of this course you will be invited to a 30-minute consultation call with Jasmine to review your social media strategy and answer any questions you may have.
*Course Workbook with 30-Day posting calendar and 30 Instagram templates are included.*

Launch Your Podcast

The 30-Day podcast launch is a thorough step-by-step to launch your podcast. 
Total Cost: $150

Lead-Up social media strategy
Best microphone options for your budget
Comparative of the top 5 hosting platforms
Setting up your landing page or website
Booking Guests
Recording Options
Editing Options
Naming and Designing your Podcast
Social Media Template starter set, and how to create your own + resources for more pre-designed templates
Daily checklist to launch in 30-Day


Course delivered through membership portal, and you do have lifetime access.

Course includes Workbook and social media templates, and bonus videos on designing in Canva and getting started with WordPress.


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