Jasmine Partida

Jasmine understands the challenges you face when growing your brand recognition and online presence. Using her impeccable technical skills and unique creativity, she combines branding and artistry to place individuals and companies far ahead of their competition.


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Strategy Focus Impact

As a business strategist and technology expert, I am behind the scenes but impactful in nature. I create successful communication plans, develop relationships with target markets, and create sustainable revenue. As an industry authority and innovative leader, I teach businesses how to use digital media platforms, social media channels, and online tools to work in order to effectively implement communication strategies and campaigns. I provide invaluable expertise in business development, marketing, sales, optimization, and operational restructuring.


My insights come from representing the largest regional park in the U.S. to co-founding Women’s March California, along with creating the digital strategy and external communications for the 2017 Women’s March on Washington. I work with my clients to create sustainable revenue with streamlined marketing systems that can grow as they do.



Join The Conversation

Activist and digital strategist, Jasmine Partida speaks with women leaders about what holds women back, what walls do they consistently see women hit, and what are ways we can come together and breakthrough.

Join me as I explore, inspire, and empower women to find their voice, and speak their truth.

When Women Speak Podcast