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No Bullsh!t Social Media Strategies” is the ultimate podcast for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking authentic, results-oriented guidance. Our show slices through the digital chatter, delivering direct and practical insights to amplify your social media strategies. From driving sales and increasing visibility to strengthening your brand’s stronghold, we’re here to navigate you through the digital landscape. No frills, no fuss — just real strategies for real progress.


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15 Years
$6.8 Billion
865 Clients


Hi! I’m Jasmine, leading the charge as a seasoned Social Media Marketer, and your podcast host. In my digital realm, I’ve turned posts into profit, like snagging 33 appointments from one post, raking in $50,000 from just a month’s content, and boosting client sales by an average of 40% with killer content.

My expertise in digital strategy, SEO, and branding isn’t all talk. Dive in as I slice through the online fluff, giving you the tools and tactics to elevate your social media game. 

Free Resources Mentioned On The Show

In-depth,16-Page Guide

You can not create content on TikTok the same way you do
on Instagram or Facebook. You need to focus on content
that immediately, and authentically connects to your
audience as they are scrolling.
This becomes effortless when you have a strategy.

How To Track Your Data

If you are not seeing the results you want from your social media, how do you identify what is broken, and how to fix it?

Step One: Listen as I break down the three steps to understanding your social media
Step Two: Download my data tracking spreadsheet below, which tells you exactly what data point to track, and how often to check it, based on your social media objective

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