A Complete Redesign of Moreau Catholic High School's Image

Launching the first marketing campaign in over five years, I created Moreau Catholic High Schools 2016 ” Innovation ” campaign.

Campaign Goals

  1. Increase awareness of school and brand
  2. Increase admission applications by 30%
  3. Redesign visual branding for the school
  4. Feature state-of-the-art technologies offered only at Moreau
  5. Fix broken SEO and unify website images


  1. Reach of 8,833,511 impressions in six months
  2. 50% increase in admission applications
  3. Increased weekly social media impressions from 150 to 23,000 in four months
  4. SEM CTR of 11.93% (industry standard 2.2%)
  5. 9.43% conversion rate (industry standard 4.13%)
  6. Newsletter open rates 35% – up from 12% in four months

This six-month campaign resulted in 8,833,511 impressions, not including bi-weekly news articles.

Utilizing geo-fencing, sky banner, timed news articles, and engaging social media I was able to DOUBLE admission submissions from the previous year in six months.