In Person or Virtually

Jasmine brings inspiring, authentic, and solution-based presentations. She is passionate about women empowerment and authentic allyship.

Jasmine believes the work of inclusivity, allyship, and building community is urgent and she therefore prioritizes action items attendees can take today to start building a more equitable community. There is no reason to wait to take action, and we can each create impact now.


Jasmine has worked in advocacy around women’s rights, education, and prisoner rights in the state of California, and across the nation. She was the National External Communications Manager for the 2017 Women’s March on Washington, and Co-Founder and first elected Vice President of Women’s March California (a statewide nonprofit with 13 chapters representing one million marchers).


As the owner of Partida Strategies, she teaches businesses how to use online tools to effectively implement communication strategies and campaigns, as well as empowering women entrepreneurs to take impactful action in their careers.


Additionally, her advocacy work includes volunteering with multiple advocacy and nonprofit groups including Allies for Black Women, Fair & Factual: Parents for Representation in Education, and Your LGBTQ+ Mom (a group of mothers supporting LGBTQ youth who have been displaced by their family due to their identity). 

Speaker Topics

Entrepreneur / Strategy

  • Community Engagement through Digital Strategy
  • The Simplicity of Socials
  • Redefine Your Why
  • The Top 6 Ways Women Hold Themselves Back –
    and How To Break Through
  • You Don’t Need Permission To Be in The Board Room
  • Strategy for Impact: A Road to Who You Want To Be, Not Where
    You Want To Go
  • 5-Steps to Pivot Your Career, Even in An Economic Downturn


  • I Will Never Call Myself An Ally, and Neither Should You
  • You Don’t Need Another Bookclub: The Real Work of Unpacking Your Biases
  • Why “My Board Needs A…” Is The Wrong Place To Start
  • White Women & Sisterhood: How a lack of sisterhood leads to us uphold the Patriarchy, and America’s Racism
  • Whose Voices are At The Table, and Why Are Others Missing: Examining your Organizational Structures
  • The Tale of Two Marches: Examining Continuing Racism in the Women’s March

Hear From Jasmine

You can hear from Jasmine on these topics through her podcast When Women Speak. Click HERE to listen to more episodes.



I thought I was just too busy to launch my dream business, I didn’t realize I was holding myself back. Jasmine showed us how to simplify and break past the barriers stopping us from taking action.” – Dawniel

It was refreshing to hear from someone who wasn’t talking in concepts, but gave actionable items. I took three pages of notes!” – Shannon

Jasmine is fierce. She tells it like it is and she is here to get things done, and bring you along with her.” – Adi

“I use to think I would never be able to reach higher levels in my career, I knew I wanted more, but didn’t think I could get there. Jasmine has inspired me to take impactful action, and I’m already increasing my exposure and my income.” – Melissa

I had no idea I was approaching my ally work from the perspective of a white savior, but knowing allows me to start the deeper work in my community. It was eye opening to discuss the history of white saviorism through literature, and I can see now how books like To Kill A Mockingbird being featured in schools continues the silencing Black Voices. ” – Hazel

Because Jasmine creates such an open space through her authentic telling of her own story, I knew I could reach out to her after the event with questions, and she has helped direct me to more resources, including her closed group where we help each other and connect.” – Molly 

Every time I hear Jasmine speak I am energized. She is passionate about bringing women together and building stronger communities, and it’s infectious.” – Courtney