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Needing to launch a company, nonprofit, or project and feeling overwhelmed? We can do a full launch with branding, website, strategy, and messaging, or help strategize which pieces you need us to take off your plate. Book a free consult now to get started. Book Now


Integrations, processes, and automations are critical to creating a supportive structure to allow you business to scale. A clear business growth plan, communication strategy, and social media media tools and resources will allow for growth while streamlining processes. Book a free consultation HERE.

Social Media

If you are overwhelmed by trying to keep up with your socials, if you are not seeing the value, and the ROI from your current social media strategies, get in touch today. Jasmine creates tailored strategies to connect with your target market, and her results are beyond expectation. Book a free call today HERE.

Results in Four Months


  • Increased Patient Intake 30% 
  • Increased Marketing Exposure from 60,000 non-targeted to 360,000 targeted impressions 
  • Increased Weekly Social Media Impressions from 150 to 23,000 
  • Organized Five Million Marchers Worldwide 
  • Launched a 501c(3) Nonprofit Organization – from concept to organization in four months 

Results in Nine Months


  • 51% Engagement Across All Channels
  • 5-Year Digital Strategy Designed for Growth Goals while Addressing Pain Points of Organization
  • Created, Implemented, and then Trained Staff on New Company Policies Around Responsible Social Media Standards – Worked with Legal Team, HR, and Management To Create Policies and Standards
  • Full Staff Training on Digital Tools, How to Create Strong, Consistently Messaging, and Best Practices with Company Social Media Accounts

Results in Six Months


  • Increased Admission’s Applications 50%
  • 8.8 Million Impressions 
  • Exceeded Engagement Goals by 30% While only Utilizing 1/3 of Allotted Budget 
  • SEM Click-Through Rate 11.93% (Industry Standard: 2.2%) 

These Are Typical Results


And in fact, I have achieved some of the listed stats with multiple companies, including:


  • East Bay Regional Park District
  • SOL Physical Therapy
  • Moreau Catholic High School
  • 2017 Livermore Valley Opera
  • Women’s March California
  • Allies for Black Women

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