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I’ve been there. Overwhelmed, feeling as if there are secrets to social media that I just don’t know, not understanding how I am suppose to see an increase in sales because of a social media post, or a Facebook ad?!

The reality is, social media DOES work. If it did not, corporations would not pour tens of thousands of dollars into their socials each year.

I know you’re thinking – but they have the money for a large team, you don’t.

Sure. They do. BUT – that team would not function properly without STRATEGY. So let me walk you through building your digital strategy, and simplifying your socials.


For a limited time, a 30-minute consultation call with Jasmine is included.


I am a small business owner, and I understand how keeping up with social media trends on top of everything else that needs to be done for your business is often just one thing too many. I also know many social media managers do not speak to a larger strategy, and if you are operating without a strategy, you are not creating a solid ROI.

Jasmine's course clarified so much for us. We now have a clear vision and strategy, our website, marketing, and social media all have the same, consistent message - we learned a great deal.

H. Ruth

About The Course

Through this five module course you will

  • Build your multi-channel social media and digital strategy
  • Create three months of social media content 
  • Write three months of newsletters 
  • Define your audience and narrative 
  • Save time and money cutting through the noise of social media
  • Build a deeper understanding best practices for each social media channel 
  • Authenticity
  • How to identify your target audience
  • Learn to track analytics 
  • Tips, Tricks, and Apps used by social media managers 
  • How to design a campaign 
  • Simplifying your monthly newsletter process and content 

This course also includes a 30 minute consultation with Jasmine at the completion of the course.


For only $397


A little bit about me

Typical results my clients see include


  • 30% Increase in clients within 4 months
  • Click rates for newsletters to increase from an average of 3% up to 12%
  • Engagement increases of 30% in one month
  • Increased Weekly Social Media Impressions from 150 to 23,000
  • 40% time reduction in running social media and digital strategies by employees – more results, less time!


Based in Sacramento, California, I am a Brand Strategist, Activist, and Technology Expert, passionate about the empowerment of women and civic leadership. My professional time has been spent working to advance individuals and companies as they bring their brand and narratives together. Whether it’s through strategic public information campaigns, social media engagement, website redesigns, or timed news stories, I understands the challenges you face when growing your brand recognition and online presence. I combine branding and artistry to place individuals and companies far ahead of their competition.



Most frequent questions and answers

The Simplicity of Socials will have five modules, and cover:

  1. One 30-Minute Consultation with Jasmine (value = $75)
  2. Course Book (value = $20)
  3. Branding – visual and editorial
  4. Insight and guidence for each social media platform
  5. How to define and develop your digital strategy
  6. How to create three months of content for all of your social channels
  7. How to read your analytics
  8. Available tools to help you, both free and paid options
  9. How to develop a special campaign
  10. Tips for simplifying your newsletter process.
  11. Each module comes with a worksheet for you to download and follow along!

The total price of Simplicity of Socials is $397.

Anyone who is feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with social media.

  1. Entrepreneurs
  2. Business Owners
  3. Nonprofits
  4. Authors
  5. Consultants
  6. Coaches
  7. Organizations running a fundraising campaign
  8. Political candidates getting ready to launch their campaign

Through an online portal.

Once your payment is confirmed on our end, you will be sent the login for my online portal. You will be able to log on and see the six modules laid out in order, with their corresponding worksheets.

This is a five hour course.

There are five modules, and each is approximately one hour long. You can complete them one a week, or in two half-day sessions, or in one solid day. All depending on what works best for your schedule!

Email me at

Email directly and myself or someone from my team will quickly help you resolve your problem. The online portal is as easy as signing on to your email, but if there is a password issue, or other tech question, please do not hesitate to ask.

What are you waiting for?

Tired of feeling overwhelmed each time you log on to
Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn?


You don’t have to be.


Get started today and have your social media planned out for the next six months!