External Communications Manager

In November 2016, I joined the national team for the Women’s March on Washington as their external communications. Tasked with creating and managing bi-weekly emails to the public, (a list of 300,000). I also created information emails for those organizing the 450 sister marches around the world, a third for bus captains coming to the D.C. march, and two weekly FAQ sheet from the National team to attendees and organizers.

Social media campaigns, posting schedules, collateral, graphics, posters, guides, and website updates all feel within my scope of work.

On top of these pieces, I also was the sole moderator for the Event page of over 150,000 people and oversaw all 50 state Facebook pages. To help organizers new to social media, I created the 11-page “How to get started in Social Media” handbook.

View in presentation format HERE